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School for Prayer Ministry

What is a Break Free School?

It is a training course led by two directors

and a team of qualified prayer ministers where you:

  • Receive Biblical teaching about healing 

  • Experience God's healing power through your personal prayer ministry session.

  • Participate as an intercessor in a prayer vigil and a prayer ministry session.

  • Receive practical training in an effective prayer ministry model.

  • Join with others in worship, communion, and a special blessing service.

What is the Course Content?

Session 1: Freedom from Bondages

Learn what spiritual bondages are and how these can be linked to the 'baggage' we carry.

Session 2: Wounds and Scars from the Past

Learn to recognise where there may be a lack of wholeness in your life, caused by spiritual and emotional wounds and scars.

Session 3: Occult Bondages

Learn to recognise the subtle ways people are led into behaviour and practices that are unhelpful to their spiritual development.  Also, learn how to stand in the midst of spiritual attack.

Session 4: Steps to Freedom

Work through the process of dealing with wounds, scars, and bondages in your life.

Session 5: Spiritual Warfare

Learn how to recognise and stand against Satan's attacks and your own unhelpful thinking. 

Session 6: The Holy Spirit

Learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit in all aspects of ministry.

Session 7: Total Commitment

Identify barriers to being fully committed to God.

Session 8: How to Prayer Minister

Learn the method and Biblical basis for prayer ministry.

"Since the School my life is a new one.  I am stronger in a way I have never been before and I am now incredibly close with Jesus.  I can hear the voice of God in a way I couldn't before and I'm filled with such incredible hope.  My whole life inside and out has changed and continues to change daily.  I have been vigilant (with a few minor hiccups) returning back to God at the beginning and end of each day.  Checking in with prayer through out the day.  I have never been this close to God, Jesus or the holy spirit before.  I don't walk in fear like I used to.  I'm a firm believer in the power of what VMTC offers. Its going to be important for me to come back regularly to VMTC prayer ministry sessions to keep my connection with God strong and ensure my integrity so that my life can blossom into what God intended for me.  By the way, the headaches and body exhaustion disappeared immediately after the prayer session and have not returned since.  Not even once ".     Genevieve

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