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Our vision is to heal and set people free through the power of the Holy Spirit


Our mission is to encourage and equip God’s people to continue the healing ministry of Jesus.


VMTC has been operating in New Zealand since 1991.  It is structured into three boards; Northern, Wellington and South Island.


Victorious Ministry Through Christ, or VMTC, is an international and non-denominational ministry that equips the body of Christ to carry out the healing and deliverance ministry of Jesus. It is a twofold ministry, balancing between ministering to Christians needing wholeness and healing, and training prayer ministers in the prayer process.

VMTC International acts as an umbrella for nine other VMTC training organisations, which are set up in USA, Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.  The Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Indonesia, Burma, India and Africa are in the process of becoming trained released prayer ministry centers.  The international organisation is the keeper of the prayer pattern, which was developed by Anne White in 1971, and which is used by all VMTC organisations worldwide. It is effective, thorough, and scriptural, and brings healing and wholeness to individuals.

International Contacts

To view any of the international VMTC web sites, please click the button below:


Regional Board

The regional board is made up of directors resident in each region. They have responsibility for the events and training offered by VMTC in each region.

Directors from each region in NZ form the national board.

President                                                          Paul Loveday

Vice President and Northern Chair                       Anne Zeeland

Wellington Chair                                                Catherine Schofield

South Island Chair                                             David Gerrard

Treasurer                                                          Sue Abraham

Supporting VMTC

We welcome your prayers and support for our released prayer ministers, trainee prayer ministers, recipients, and the VMTC organisation.

VMTC is a not-for-profit organisation. We would appreciate and welcome your financial support to develop this ministry and to enable ministry sessions to take place.

Financial support

If you feel led to support VMTC on a regular basis, you can set up an auto-payment, or pay using Internet banking. For details of the VMTC NZ bank accounts, please email the appropriate Regional Manager for your area.


To send in a donation by cheque, please send it to the VMTC NZ National Treasurer at 105 Lynbrooke Ave, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland 0600, and indicate the region to which you would like to apply the funds.


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